Things That Make You Smile...

Rock and Roll It – Drum LIVE! (NEW 2017) 

Bring your drumming to life with drums Live!  With the same features as our award winning drum set, and includes headphones, drum sticks and foot pedals.

Mukikim has won several prestigious awards for new product innovations.   Announcing their entry into the Music category in 2016, the new “Rock N Roll It!” piano and drum sets are all flexible, portable and affordable.  These new products are ideal for aspiring new musicians just taking interest in piano and drums.  The silicon material allows the piano to roll up and travel in a backpack and runs off of USB or battery power.  The New Rainbow colored piano is a wonderful teaching tool and includes a songbook for children just starting to play piano.  The New LIVE! Drums offer the same unique flexibility, and features a live concert scene, comes complete with head phones, drum sticks and foot pedals for deep bass and high hat percussion sound.   For those more advanced musicians, The New Studio Piano and New Studio Drums offer more advanced electronics with a built in speaker, powered by a lithium rechargeable battery and are Midi compatible. 

​​Rock and Roll It – STUDIO Drum  (NEW 2017)

For the professional drummer with three dimensional drum pads, multiple instrument tracks, record and playback, Built-In Speaker and Midi compatible.  Includes drumsticks, two foot pedals, and runs off USB or rechargeable lithium battery power.  

Rock and Roll It – Drum

Our starter drum set featuring 10 percussion sounds, a portable roll up design, multiple instrumental track to play along, record and playback function, multiple sound styles, MP3 connection, includes drumsticks, two foot pedals (high hat and bass) and runs off USB or battery power.

Flexible Roll-Up Pianos & Drums

Rock and Roll It – Rainbow Piano (NEW 2017)

A new colorful “twist” on our flexible, portable Astra Award winning design, includes instructional songbook and new window packaging.  

Rock and Roll It – Piano (ASTRA Best Toy of The Year!)Our beginning piano featuring 49 standard keys, multiple keyboard tones, multiple demo songs, record and playback feature, built-in speaker, battery and USB power supply.  

Rock and Roll It – STUDIO Piano (NEW 2017)

For the professional pianist the Studio features 61 keys, multiple keyboard tones, demo songs, record and playback feature and is Midi compatible and runs off USB or lithium battery power.