Night Hawk Scope

High-Tech infrared technology, see up to 50ft in total darkness!

  • IR night vision binoculars
  • Focus and Lens adjustment knobs
  • Hi-power & Lo-Power switch

Night Nocs

Steal Binocular, let you see up to 25 feet in the dark. Switch to red or white light for stealth mode.

Secret Agent Walkie Talkie

Talk to your fellow secret agent!

  • Voice Activation
  • Clip pocket receiver/transmitter
  • Ear plug for listening
  • Wrist Band for Talking

Micro Gear Set

Micro Spy Gear for mobile Spy Surveillance!

Utility belt with 4 micro tools:

  • Micro Spy Light
  • Invisible Ink Pen
  • Micro Motion Alarm
  • Micro Listener

Roll-In Spy Bug

Roll-in spy bug & hear every word that is said!

  • Bug always stops in 'up' position.
  • Receiver can clip on to your belt.
  • ​Transmits up to 50ft

Invisible Ink Pen

Write and Read invisible messages

SpyX, the ‘Jr. James Bond’ line that has all of the gadgets needed to be a real life Spy Kid. The spy category of play expands children’s imaginations, with endless activities of spy role play.

SpyX is a collectible line, with 25+ unique items that will keep the Spy Kids coming back for more. The line offers a variety of products, at a wide range of price points great for year round sales. The majority of the line retails under $24.99, and Micro items start at $9.99, making great birthday gifts.
SpyX is a product line created exclusively for the specialty retailer; you won’t find it in the big box stores. Keeping specialty toy retailers in mind we offer variety packs with less than full case packs, so you can give spy a try. SpyX is available exclusively from MukikiM.

Spy Walkie Talkie

Talk to your fellow agent!


  • Interphone safety flexible antenna
  • PTT button & speaker.

Night Mission Goggles

See up to 25ft in the dark!

  • Comfortable headset with battery pack.
  • Flip-out scope for daytime spying.
  • Twin light beams!

Micro Spy PDQ Tray

12 item assortment

x2 Micro Motion Alarm

x2 Micro Spy Scope

x2 Micro Listener

x2 Micro Voice Disguise

x2 Micro Spy Light

x2 Invisible Ink Pen

Lazer Trap Alarm

Set up an invisible beam barrier to protect your stuff!

  • x3 unit lazer beam trap
  • 360 degrees adjustable
  • up to 4ft receiving
  • Sound Alarm

Micro Eyes & Ears

See in the dark & Hear far-away sounds!

Includes Micro Super Ear and Micro Spy Light

Micro Motion Alarm

Set it anywhere to protect your stuff!

Detects motion or vibrations.

Micro Spy Light

Fits on your ear, and you can see in the dark. Over-the-ear design for hands free spying! 

Power Scope

Super powerful monocular! See up to 25ft away in the dark, with 4x power, and red or white light for stealth mode.

Recon Set

The ultimate set for your recon missions!

Set includes:

  • Voice Disguiser
  • Recon Watch
  • Motion Alarm
  • ​Night Nocs

Micro Listener

​Clips to your pocket and allows you to hear secret conversations

Micro Spy Scope

Scope and Light!

Powerful Monocular!

Spy Recon Watch

8-in-1 spy recon watch for missions day or night.

Spy Tracker

Track & alarm yourself for suspicious movement outside your hideout!

  • Motion Alarm x2 sensors - sensor 1/sensor 2
  • Alarming feature for EACH sensor activation
  • Alarming feature with sound or light only.
  • Receiver Unit

Tel:  414-357-3997
Fax: 414-357-7830

Lite Hand

Turn your own hands into a source of light!

  • Light tubes glow to light your way with 4 bright LED’s
  • Features On/Off and flash pattern control.

Micro Voice Disguiser

Record your voice and play it back 'twisted'

Micro Super Ear

Hear Conversations from far away!

"Bluetooth" over-the-ear design for hands free spying.

mukikim logo
  • Decoder
  • Secret Message Paper
  • LED Spot Light
  • Stopwatch
  • Motion Alarm
  • Message Drop Capsules

Roll-In Voice Bomb

Record a warning and surprise your friends!

  • Recordable motion alarm
  • 360 degree automatic activation
  • Loudspeaker plays back your recorded message.

Night Ranger Set

The ultimate set for your ranger missions!

Set includes:

  • Night Mission Goggles
  • Micro Motion Alarm
  • Invisible Ink Pen
  • Voice Disguiser

Secret Coin Safe

Counts your coins and keeps them safe

  • LCD screen indicates value of money inside.
  • Durable theft-proof construction
  • Has a secret button unlock button only for those "in the know"

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